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String Instruments

String Instruments Lessons(Violin, Viola, Cello & the Double Bass)

Whether you are a beginner or somewhat advanced, our String Instruments Lessons program is for you. Our faculty are experienced instructors, who are successful in inspiring new students to understand and excel at this exciting instrument. They are also all deeply kind and caring – qualities that we hope you feel is important in a music instructor.

The basis for our string program (Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons or Cello Lessons) is classical fundamentals. We focus on several aspects that together equal great progress and a solid music foundation: technique – in particular learning proper posture, instrument and bow hold, and bowing so as to avoid future habits that may affect health or good sound, better confidence in performing, developing the ability to read music well, and the ability to play well with others.

We also work with the student’s interest exposing the student to a broad range of music, adapted to the student’s level of playing.

We are a performance-oriented school, with a solid range of performance opportunities for our students to use what they’ve learned in their Lessons.

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Passionate in Providing High Quality Music Education

Principally through experienced teachers, and on-demand performers, who LOVE to teach.
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