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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar classes are offered in beginning, intermediate and advanced rhythm and lead guitar. Students will be introduced to various styles and encouraged to arrange and compose music.

You may find that learning to play the guitar can be one of the most fun ways to study music. So much great music can be played while strumming a guitar. It is also a very portable instrument – it is capable of producing a a broad range of sounds when it is played. It’s portability makes it a key instrument of choice for songwriters – in addition to the piano.

Our guitar lessons cover the fundamentals, as well as teaching you how to play the songs that YOU love

Students of all ages and levels are welcomed. For adults willing to “face your fears” about prior study in music, you’ll find that we offer a safe place pick up where you left off.

Whether you are a professional singer looking to accompany yourself, or looking to add memories to special family moments, playing the guitar is a valuable skill.

All guitar lessons are not the same. Finding the right school for your child, or you, is the first step.

Private Instruction:

Rhythm guitar lessons are offered to help students build their dexterity, strength and to enhance their playing style. Students are encouraged to bring music that they would like to learn apart from the music the instructor provides.

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