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Percussion Instruments

Percussion Instruments

Without rhythm, there is no music. Percussion instruments are the foundation of any band orchestra. Private Drum lessons are the perfect place to begin

Your experience here will start with immersion in the fundamentals. Young students develop their drum chops. Our bands, coupled with lessons gives drummers the boost they need.

The Lessons are taught by experienced professional faculty, with a minimum of 7 years of professional experience teaching, after graduating music college.

Learning to play the percussion instruments  can be one of the most fun ways to study music. Start with private lessons at Miwangu Music & Arts Center

We welcome students of all ages and levels. For adults willing to “face their fears” about prior study in music, we offer a safe place pick up where you left off.

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Passionate in Providing High Quality Music Education

Principally through experienced teachers, and on-demand performers, who LOVE to teach.
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