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Consultancy in Music & Arts

Miwangu Music & Arts Center provides clients with unique insight and expertise across the cultural business disciplines from event and artistic planning to strategic marketing and promotion to cultural centre development.

Miwangu Music & Arts Center also provides consultancy, advice and training for schools, music hubs and arts organizations in breaking down disabling barriers to music.

Our Consulting Division prides itself on a collaborative discussion and review process with clients at every level. We not only develop and present innovative approaches to new artistic and management challenges, but also help clients implement these solutions to ensure future success.

Cultural Organizations & Venues

The expertise of our consulting team is extensive and covers all of the areas intrinsic to the performing arts, entertainment and music industries including feasibility studies, financial planning and budgeting, organizational planning, technical operations, artistic planning and programming, marketing, sponsorship and fund-raising, business development, ticketing and educational programmes.

Our aim is to make every project experience easy, straight forward and seamless. One of our team will be assigned to you personally or to your organization, in order to guide you through each step required to achieve the best results.

Curriculum Development For Certificate, Diploma & Degree Level

Our team of experienced Curriculum Developers create course content for Certificate, Diploma & Degree Level for institutions. Miwangu Music & Arts Center works closely with subject matter expert to ensure that information is relevant, technically accurate and consistent with institutional practices. Included in all course content are relevant scenarios, best practices & tips and tricks for getting the most out of the course.

We have a passion for getting to the heart of things by being clear and concise.
Whether you want help in designing a personalized creative curriculum to meet the specific needs of your learners or you want support in developing more creative teaching and learning, we have the expertise to support you. Contact Us Today.

General Inquiries

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Passionate in Providing High Quality Music Education

Principally through experienced teachers, and on-demand performers, who LOVE to teach.