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Conducting Lessons

Conducting Lessons

Learn how to pull every ounce of musicality from yourself and your ensemble with Our Music Conducting Lessons. Our Conducting Lessons covers numerous exercises that will help you master hand independence, phrasing, dynamic contrast, subdivision, and numerous other topics. No matter what type or size of ensemble you conduct, this course will truly help you perfect your conducting style and prowess.

  • Over 40 individual lessons
  • Learn how to select and hold a baton
  • Cover relaxed but commanding posture
  • Control your entire range of motion, from your feet to your head

  • Discover how all of your bodies hinges effect expression
  • Emphasize multiple stylistic motions
  • Apply style and musicianship to any phrase or pattern

Master numerous advanced techniques like dead beats, subdivision, pauses, releases, tempo changes, and more!

Nowhere else can you find the level of detail and professional instruction of Music Conducting Lessons. Fulfill your musical destiny by enrolling today!

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