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African Instruments Lessons

African Instruments Lessons

Miwangu Music & Arts Center offers diverse Lessons for a range of African Instruments including Ideophones(shakers, kayamba etc) Membranophones, Chordophones & Aerophones to students of all ages and abilities, backgrounds and levels. At, Miwangu Music & Arts Center our aim is to make our lessons for fun and exhilarating for the students, while providing them essential education and training to produce tangible results and help our students achieve their musical dreams.

Pair with “Your Kind” of teacher

We take the time to understand your music goals and interests. That is why we ensure we pair each student with the right kind of teacher. The personality, methods and interests of the teacher can have a major impact on increasing the motivation level of the student.

Learning to play a musical instrument is exciting and we go an extra mile to keep the fun factor optimal. We provide all our students various opportunities, where they perform individually and in groups. All these exercises help students improve their confidence and become comfortable in front of an audience. We also conduct recitals every year.

We specialize in providing music lessons customized according to the individual needs of each student. All our teachers are certified professionals and have years of experience and knowledge in their respective fields. We hire carefully selected, certified, experienced and skills musicians only. The learning and dedication of the music teachers is cornerstone of the learning experience for our students.

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Passionate in Providing High Quality Music Education

Principally through experienced teachers, and on-demand performers, who LOVE to teach.
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